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This gola or festivity is enjoyed by every Indian as cinema is a part of his life . Movie of any region,language or actor on the white screen is a passion more so if family is involved to view the movie in a theatre.The travel,the rush,the snacks, the noise in the process of cinema viewing is a pleasure to all of us.

"cinemagola" is another cinema ticket application in the web and mobile for making cinema viewing easy and comfortable.It is the first App to be launched in coastal Andhra and more so in entire new state of Andhra Pradesh.This App is simple,trendy,with hightech inputs,has less operations ,easy processing for the customer satisfaction.

This App guides you in the process of cinema viewing with latest updates.This cinemagola App is developed by a team of young, smart and vibrant students with a goal to satisfy the cinemagoer and make cinema viewing a delightful process.

We invite suggestions,recommendations and welcome innovations as you will be a part of cinemagola family.We do not talk big, but make things simple and easy as rightly said "Life is Beautiful" but it also should be simple. Cinema viewing is a part of life.

Please join our "cinemagola" family for festive cinema viewing.

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